Windows 10 1809 released and pulled

The latest big feature update for Windows 10 arrived this month bringing in a number of new integrations for your smart phone and a redesign of Microsoft edge. Unfortunately, it has a not so great feature; it contains a bug that can wipe all your files that aren’t stored in OneDrive. As a result, Microsoft have pulled the update while they investigate the issue and prepare a new corrected version.

If you have found your files missing stop doing everything. Download (to a different drive or USB stick) some recovery software such as Recuva as soon as you possibly can.


Wi-Fi version 802.11ax aka: Wi-Fi 6

The Wi-Fi Alliance have announced that they have finalised the specifications for the next generation 802.11ax Wi-Fi standard. As part of the announcement they have also rebranded this generation and previous generations making this generation Wi-Fi 6 and the prior 802.11ac Wi-Fi 5 to help consumer awareness. I think this is a great idea the 802.11 naming convention is pretty meaningless to the average consumer I’ve encountered and a simple bigger number = faster speed makes buying Wi-Fi enabled devices much more transparent. Expect to see Wi-Fi 6 enabled devices next year with the following New capabilities:

  • Uplink and downlink orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) increases efficiency and lowers latency for high demand environments 
  • 1024 quadrature amplitude modulation mode (1024-QAM) enables peak gigabit speeds for emerging, bandwidth-intensive use cases 
  • Improved medium access control (MAC) control signalling increases throughput and capacity while reducing latency 
  • Increased symbol durations make outdoor network operations more robust

TLS 1.3 – A new frontier of security

TLS (transport layer security) version 1.3 has been finalised; the technology responsible for encrypting data transfers is key to the security of the internet. The new version finally drops support for long vulnerable cryptography such as RSA key exchange, 3DES and static Diffie-Hellman meaning that by default the protocol is free of vulnerabilities such as FREAK and Logjam and supports perfect forward secrecy by default. It also boasts performance enhancements as it reduces the number of data transfers between server and client to a single round trip and includes further security to the handshake negotiations. This is a great improvement to the TLS suite and it’s great to here that by default a number of weaknesses of TLS 1.2 will be removed. Expect to see updates for Apache and Nginx soon and IIS presumably in Server 2019.

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