To those who know me personally they’ll know I’m actually somewhat of a rarity in the world. I prefer Microsoft products, I’m typing this on a custom Windows 10 PC, wearing a Microsoft band surrounded by a couple of old phones, a LG e900 and a Lumia 735, aka Windows phones and when I’m not working I do love a game of Halo 5 on my Xbox one. You see where I’m going with this. So it should come as a surprise that I’m currently using an iPhone 5S and looking at buying a 6S.

Windows Phone 10 is Microsoft’s best attempt so far to get back into the smart phone business in a big way, I’ve been testing it with my trusty Lumia for some months and I would highly recommend it. I dropped and broke it so in a pinch I’m using my wife’s old iPhone. Coming from a Windows Phone I must say one thing about the iPhone, at least this model. It’s too small, it’s cramped to use the miniscule 4” display and what’s worse the software is ugly. iOS in my opinion offers the ugliest way to have a smart phone the various icons make the tiny display look cluttered and ununiformed. While Windows 10 and its previous incarnations (8 and 7) are the opposite, sleek, with a list of apps in a sensible alphabetic order that can be swiped through with joy. The apps that come with the operating system is a joy and coming off the back planning a wedding having Excel and OneNote in my pocket came in incredibly handy for planning the big day.

So why the switch, why am I now considering jumping ship?

Apps. Plain and simple. Now why you may not be surprised to read that it may be worth understanding that I don’t care about apps. I actually like having something that works out of the box rather than having to endlessly tinker with to get it to do something simple. However, I can now get every app I like on my Windows Phone on an iPhone and what’s worse is that simple the app quality is better, even the Microsoft ones are more stable and run more quickly. Then there’s the quite frankly overwhelming number of apps on iOS that I know and love from my iPad. I can now get the best of both worlds.

Unfortunately, there will be things I miss, Cortana, Siri is simply not as good and the live tiles the voice recognition is better and the ‘personality’ is far better. The live tiles on apps like the news and weather are just brilliant for quick glances. The integration in Windows 10 such as responding to texts will also be a feature that I’ll jealously watching the 2% of the market that have a Windows phone.

What about the Lumia 950 and 950XL? What about universal apps?

These phones look amazing but unfortunately the reviews don’t look like they’ve overcome the big issue just yet. The big issue being third party support. However, I don’t think Microsoft are down and out with Windows Phone just yet. The universal apps could be the answer, once app developers jump on board with developing their apps for Windows 10 adding a phone app is only another 15% of code which is better than the current investment of having to develop and maintain two completely different programs. Unfortunately, we just haven’t seen that just yet and until that day comes I think I might have just converted.